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Rising People

Sunrise – Commercial

What gets you up in the morning?
A journey for Sunrise to find out what drives people! The results are these inspiring stories.⁠


Talents: Zizi Hattab, Loco Escrito, Manuela Schär, Nicolas Hojac

Director | Luca Zurfluh
DOP | Ramón Königshausen
Production | Dynamic Frame &
Executive Producer | Luzius Fischer
Producer | Manuel Sieber
Line Producer, 1 AD | Anne Sommer
Creative Direction, Interviews | Julia Fischhaber
Locationsound | Kurt Human, Julian Joseph, Corsin Bader
1AC | Linus Rieser, Raphael Schulze-Schilddorf

Editor | Jero Fähndrich
Colorist | Lukas Schaller
Sounddesign & Mix | Maurizio Zulli, Stereotyp
Post Coordination | Daniel Loepfe

Client: Sunrise Schweiz AG
Agency: Thjnk Zürich
Year: 2022

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