Endless Days of Bertolucci

Short film

Fears and hopes of finding love in virtual spaces
Endless Days of Bertolucci not only ponders upon the meaning of finding love and affection in virtual spaces but its transition into the real world.
Through an encounter between two young individuals during a mellow, timeless summer, the short movie challenges itself through the contrast of audio and visual. It is this disparity where we find ourselves searching for love in virtual spaces: How we present ourselves through words and pictures on dating apps seldomly is an accurate depiction of our true selves, if not our best version of it. By stepping out of the chat room, the virtual shell is inevitably being left there.
Patrick Slanzi, Ladina Von Frisching
Director: Luca Zurfluh
Dop: Tobias Kubli
Production: Dynamic Frame
Producer: Luzius Fischer
1AC: Christina Welter
Casting: Aurélia Marine
Styling: Arianna Pianca
Editor: Alessandro Biffi
Colorist: Miles Lembke, Ramón Königshausen
VFX: Claudio Sipka
Post Supervision: Sven Brauchli
Sounddesign & Mix: Stereotyp
Music: Fran O'Hanlon & Guy Massey
Graphics: Benjamin Kniel
Voice over: Eddie Contento, maidaymusic
Support Malta: Rock Productions Malta
Arri Rental Munich: Dominik Dukat, Ingo Baier
Thanks to
Richard Grell (cinegrell)
Maxime Raymond
Tillo Spreng
Natascha Vavrina
Pascal Reinmann
Philipp Ritler
Mark Mangion
Shay Erov
Vilma Bučkutė
Simon Pfister